Cool Readings

Lego Genius

Kobe, Black Mamba Becomes Garter Snake :(((

TV Thief I

Best Group Selfie of 2014

(Dumb) British Jihadist Woman Escapes ISIS to Turkey


The Beautiful Math Living Inside All Things

TV Thief II




Today was my Reddit obsession day :)

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Humbled By Cosmos Gaming


My thanks to Chris Dahlberg, at Cosmos Gaming, for the compliment :))

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Cool Readings

The Neuroscience Of Nostalgia

The First Truly Wireless Earbuds

The Forgotten Conflict That Defined The US

New Fabric Turns Your Body Into A Furnace

No Exit For Greece

Some interesting stuff I read/watched today :)

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Kind Words from


I wanna give a big shout out to for the kind words about my upcoming EP, Lightning Strikes.  Click the pic for for the full write up.

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New EP, Lightning Strikes, Coming Feb 10



New EP, Lightning Strikes, coming Feb 10. CDs in hand. Preview download’s coming soon :)

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